Want Innovation? First Stop: Creativity

In today‘s competitive business world, innovation has gained an eminent role. Unfortunately, the approach to innovation in many companies is taking a wrong turn. Innovation has been mistaken for creativity for years, and it is important to understand creativity and how it happens before we reach for innovation.


Event Description:

In an engaging and pragmatic presentation and discussion, Dr. Mary Emami will talk about creativity from an individual and environmental point of view. She tells us that understanding the science behind it, can act as a crucial step to fostering creativity that will eventually lead to innovation.

Three components of creativity-relevant processes, domain-relevant skills and intrinsic task motivation will be discussed in this talk. We will observe how creativity within an individual occurs and how the work environment can affect those elements as well. Additionally, the importance of an individual‘s passion for a task will be scrutinized and examples from successful businesses which benefit from innovation will be provided.Having this knowledge of creativity will pave the way towards success for the corporations as well as individuals that are ready to embark upon the fascinating journey that creativity will take them on.

Location: United Way
50 Waugh Drive
Houston, TX 77007


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