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Designing and implementing Organizational Change Management strategies based on clients’ needs to save revenue, improve team performance and efficiency. Extensive experience within various teams of executives, engineers and leaders. Passionate about bridging the gap between business process and human side of client operations using effective communication skills to solve complex problems. Experience with using Prosci’s ADKAR methodology.

Member of Houston Organization Development Network

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Look closereven the sky is not the limit

— Mary Emami —

Consulting Services

What I do:

Assessing what you have been doing so far and what we can do to drive your business forward!

  • Building a creative demand-generation strategy for your business
  • Determining if you can partner up with other businesses to create value
  • Creating enough room in your business for innovation
  • Generating paying customers and meeting your customers’ ongoing needs
  • Reviewing and implementing changes
Why do we need to foster creativity in the business world?

In today‘s competitive business world, innovation has gained an eminent role. Unfortunately, the approach to innovation in many companies is taking a wrong turn. Innovation has been mistaken for creativity for years, and it is important to understand creativity and how it happens before we reach for innovation.


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Tel.: +1 (832) 371-0157

Houston, TX

United States